How To Use Calendars (not used but saved for later use)

Using Google-based Calendars is a matter of viewing a group of events, then clicking on the event for more detail.  Calendars may be displayed in Month View or Agenda View. Below are samples of each view and how to switch between them.  Below are illustrations of this process.

Month View








Agenda View









Switching Between Month and Agenda Views

All of the Calendars on this site open up in Agenda view.  To switch to a Month View, clock on the word “Month” in the upper right corner.  If you are accessing the WEFT CU Progressive Calendar from the WEFT site ( it will start in Month view. Click on Agenda to change the view.

Looking at a Single Event

In any view, once you find an event of interest, you can select it by clicking on the name of the event.  A small box will pop open, in front of the calendar. Here’s the kind of detail you’ll see for your selected event:










Some events have even more information. Scroll down to the bottom of the pop-up box and click on “more details”  on the left.  A new window, such as the one below, will appear.







Other Options

Notice in the above screen shots that you can also save events to your personal calendar, print a view of a calendar or switch to a Week View.


You may want to browse around the Calendars, going back and forth between Views and time periods.  To leave a Calendar, close the browser window and/or select other browser tabs, just as you would for any other application.

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