CUP’s Update for the Covid-19 Era

Since 2017, this CUP (CU Progressives) organization has provided various kinds of support to the progressive community in Champaign-Urbana. Like many organizations, we have just reevaluated our services in light of the Covid-19 pandemic. Below is a quick update on our status.

These are CUP services that will continue:

  • The WEFT CU Progressive Calendar. Due to the impact of the pandemic, many of the events on the WEFT Community Radio (FM 90.1) calendar are now virtual and there are fewer physical meetings/events than before. However, this calendar remains one of the best one-stop places for local progressive events. You can access the Calendar itself on the WEFT Community Radio (90.1 FM) site at or on the CUP website. As always, organizations that would like to include their events – whether virtual or face-to-face – should send an email to:
  • The CUP Facebook group for local, regional and national news will continue to spread the word. The group is private, so request access if you don’t already have it.
  • The CUP website at All of our services are described or accessible from the website.
  • “The Week Ahead.” Later this summer, CUP will resume providing a week-by-week summary of what’s coming up in the local progressive community on behalf of CU Indivisible. (This service has been suspended for several months.) When available, it will be posted on the CU Indivisible Facebook page to plan your week.
  • Progressive Directory. This document provides contact information and descriptions of community progressive organizations. It’s a good starting point for making contact with one or more organizations. The Progressive Directory is accessible as a pdf on the CUP website. Normally updated annually, given the Covid-19 era, we will consider additional updates, as needed.
  • Rally Support – Since our start in 2017, CUP has been active in supporting local rallies and protests, though providing free signage and other help where possible. We may not be at every event as we once tried to do, but we plan to keep showing up whenever possible, wearing masks!
  • Other – CUP has always tried to make connections between/among local progressive groups. We want to continue this “back office” assist whenever possible in the future.

We have decided to discontinue one of our services – Progressive Drop-Ins. These were monthly face-to-face social events at local restaurants where progressives could visit together with other progressive-minded people in a relaxing, no-obligation setting.  Operating since March 2018, we enjoyed the camaraderie and fun of meeting new people. However, given pandemic constraints, we feel it would be a good time to suspend these meetings for now.

We’ve enjoyed the last few years learning about and supporting our fellow CU progressives. We’re looking forward to continuing the journey.

– Jeannie, Marci and Linda

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