Witness Slips Needed: Illinois Firearms Bill

Below is an action item from Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America asks for witness slips for two Illinois bills related to firearms.  Take a look for background on the bills and to learn about how to do a Witness Slip. It only takes a few minutes to do.

Action Item

You can support common-sense gun reforms by submitting witness slips in support of these two bills, currently under consideration by the Illinois legislature:

HB 2354: (Willis)

Creates the Firearm Restraining Order (FRO) formerly know as the Lethal Violence Order of Protection (LVOP). The bill would allow family members or law enforcement to petition the courts to temporarily remove firearms from a loved ones home who they think is a risk to themselves or others. We will likely see movement on this bill next week. Please slip in support of the bill!
Link is here: http://my.ilga.gov/WitnessSlip/Create/102977?committeeHearingId=16069&LegislationId=102977&LegislationDocumentId=142971&HCommittees5%2F18%2F2018-page=1&committeeid=0&chamber=H&nodays=7&_=1526071117388

SB 2343: (Raoul/Moylan)

Would ban the sale of bump stocks in Illinois. Passed out of the Senate and is now in the House. The bill is scheduled to be hear this Tuesday in the House-Judiciary Criminal Committee. Please slip in as a proponent.
The Link is here: http://my.ilga.gov/WitnessSlip/Create/108858?committeeHearingId=16069&LegislationId=108858&LegislationDocumentId=138182&HCommittees5%2F18%2F2018-page=1&committeeid=0&chamber=H&nodays=7&_=1526071117388

If you’ve never filled out a witness slip before, it’s easy! Just fill in your name and contact info (to prove that you are an IL resident). Where it says “Persons, groups firms represented in this appearance” put “Self”, then click your opinion on the bill and click the box for “Record Of Appearance Only”. If you make an account, it will save your info for future witness slips, making it even easier!

(Thanks to CU Indivisible for circulating this action item.)