Quick Action Needed: Contact Representatives on Climate Change Resolution by Wednesday

From CU Indivisible email: The House will vote this Wednesday on a resolution trying to halt regulation of carbon emissions. This is an important issue, and one on which Rodney Davis has shown a bit of willingness to negotiate. We believe that some pressure could make him vote no on this resolution!

Contact your representative today to speak out on this time-sensitive action. If you’re in the IL-13th, contact Rodney Davis at:  202-225-2371 or https://rodneydavis.house.gov/contact/

If you are outside IL-13, use this link to contact your rep:

Call/email script:

“Hello, I’m contacting you today to ask Representative Davis to vote no on House Concurrent Resolution 119. Fighting climate change is a critical, bipartisan issue that affects us all. Thank you for your consideration.”