Action: Ask Governor How He Will Protect Illinois Voting Process

From the CUP Facebook group:

ACTION: Illinois was part of this recent indictment on page 26: “ On and about July 2016 Kovalev and his co-conspirators hacked the website of a state board of elections (SBOE 1-‘Illinois’) and stole information related to approximately 500,000 VOTERS including names, addresses, partial security numbers, dates of birth and driver’s license numbers.”

***Two of the defendants are said to have successfully obtained visas and traveled to a number of states, including Nevada, Illinois, Michigan, and New York, in summer 2014. The travel was used to produce an “intelligence report,” the indictment states. While none of the systems targeted were involved in vote TALLYING, the issue has heightened concern about the risk to voter registration databases and, separately, digital voting machines. It is also viewed broadly as undermining confidence in the democratic process—which the U.S. intelligence community said was Russia’s chief aim.

*** It’s time to hear from Governor Rauner about how HE plans to protect the voters of Illinois and assure that our next election is free and fair. Call him and demand a public statement of assurance, or we all need to vote ‘in advance’ and on paper ballots this November!!


Reach him today:
Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner
207 State Capitol Bldg.
Springfield, IL 62706