Help Protest Expansion of Kankakee County as an ICE Detention Center!







On Saturday, September 1, 1:00 pm, at the Kankakee County Courthouse, there will be a rally to protest expanding Kankakee to become one of the largest ICE detenion centers in Illinois.  Below is information from the Facebook event:

“What is this about? Kankakee County’s Jerome Combs Detention Center houses on average 150 ICE detainees per day. Now the Sheriff wants to expand 32,000 additional square feet AND improve the Kankakee airport to expedite deportations, making Kankakee one of the largest ICE detention centers in the state.

LEARN WHAT’S GOING ON … This rally will inform the community and hold county officials accountable. Immigrants without proper documentation, ICE detainees, who have otherwise demonstrated respect for the law and contributed to their community should not be held in prison indefinitely, and Kankakee County should not build financial solvency on the backs of those suffering from today’s aggressive ICE tactics.

WHAT TO BRING: Your curiosity, concern, emotions, and a pair of shoes (or two) to donate. Shoes will be displayed to symbolize those we have lost through deportations. (After the event, shoes will be gifted to the Interfaith Community for Detained Immigrants and the Salvation Army).

Connect has a petition at to stop housing detainees for profit in Kankakee County. Click here to see and sign.

This event is sponsored by Connect (Facebook page or web site).