Protest Alert from CU Indivisible: Rodney Davis, John Boehner, Tuesday, August 27

From CU Indivisible email: It’s been over a year since Rodney Davis held any free and open-to-the-public events here in CU. We’ll be unveiling our plans to celebrate that anniversary soon , but an opportunity has come up tomorrow that our friends over at Bend The Arc: CU are taking advantage of, and they need our help!  (See earlier post.)

Rodney Davis is doing the most Rodney Davis thing ever and holding an invite-only $200 minimum fundraiser at the Champaign Country Club. Bend the Arc: CU are staging a protest across the road at the same time. Come on out and let Congressman Davis know that his non-paying constituents want representation too.

Event details: Protest Against Rodney Davis and John Boehner
Hosted by Bend the Arc: CU
Tuesday, August 28th   4:30 PM – 5:30 PM
On Prospect Ave, across from Champaign Country Club

John Boehner will be the guest speaker at a $200 per person fundraiser for Rodney Davis at the Champaign Country Club this Tuesday at 5 pm.

Join Bend the Arc, across the street from the Country Club on Prospect, with respectfully worded signs.