CU Indivisible Call To Action: Help Now!

From CU Indivisible email/Facebook group:  We’ve completed up over a hundred action items since we started this group almost 2 years ago. We are close to 1,600 members. Our research has changed the conversation in the IL-13 race. We’ve protested, called, donated, submitted letters to the editor, and made our voices heard loud and clear on a range of issues. The culmination of those efforts is happening in less than 30 days.

We started this group because we woke up the day after the election with this gnawing feeling that we could have and should have done more. Many of you have told us you felt the same way, and that’s why you joined the group. Well, we’re less than a month away from the most consequential election of our lifetimes, and if we want to wake up on Nov. 7th, regardless of the outcome, knowing we gave it everything we had….now is the time.

The “Blue Wave” is not a foregone conclusion, and if it’s going to come to our community and our district, it’s going to take work. To that end, we’re asking you to sign up to assist our friends over at The People’s Agenda in Election Day volunteering:

“We have two major initiatives: get out the vote on campus and Election Day activities.

For campus, we’ll be flyering every day that early voting is open at the Illini Union and on Election Day. For Election Day we have multiple operations going: poll watching, phone & text banking, literature drops, yard sign distribution, and more. Please sign up for what you can below.

If you can dedicate the entire day to us, we will use your time wisely. Promise. If you can only do part of the day, that’s incredibly helpful too.”



Leave no doubt!