CU Indivisible Action Item: Vote Early!

From CU Indivisible:  While many of us enjoy the rush of voting on election day, we’re taking our lead from many of the campaigns and asking everyone to vote EARLY! This is beneficial in a number of ways, but most importantly, once you’ve voted the campaigns will be able to tell, and can redirect phonebankers/canvassers towards undecided voters or those who have yet to vote. If you already know who you’re supporting, this is one of the best ways you can help their campaign (apart from, obviously, voting for them)

Here are all of the early voting locations in Champaign County:  NOTE: ANY voter validly registered in Champaign County may vote at ANY early voting location during the early voting period.

If you can’t make it to a polling place, you can ALSO vote-by-mail. This is an incredibly convenient option that allows you to do everything from the comfort of your own home, in addition to helping the campaigns focus their time and resources most effectively. It’s the ultimate insurance policy. You can track your ballot online, and it protects you in the event of inclement weather/illness on election day. You can request a VBM application here, your ballot should arrive within a week, and as long as it’s post-dated on/before election day, it WILL be counted. Request your ballot here:

Get your voting out of the way early so you can focus on knocking on doors and making calls!