Indivisible: What’s Next?

Two years ago, the Indivisible organization started a movement that spread across the country, galvanizing a wave of local organizing, including the CU Indivisible group.  With the sucess of the midterm election, the original Indivisible team has updated the Guide in preparation for life with Democrats in the majority in the U.S. House.  On their page Indivisible: What’s Next, there’s an introduction and background on the movement. Below is a partial summary.  Visit the site to read the full text and download the new federal and state guides.  (Or if you’re in a hurry, here’s a direct link to the Google doc version.)

The grassroots was responsible for retaking power for Democrats.

….Taking back the House used to be a pipe dream. It’s easy to forget, but just a little over a year ago, winning back the House was an idea that was too crazy for conventional Washington wisdom (read: pundits). Folks had good reason to believe taking back the House would be impossible. Back in 2010, the Republican Party succeeded in their sinister plot to flip targeted state legislatures and the House, giving their party control over redistricting after the 2010 census. They drew gerrymandered districts to ensure a GOP House majority, no matter how unpopular their party became. ….

But where Republicans built a seawall, you built a bigger wave. A week ago, we flipped the House. We flipped 6 state legislative chambers. And we moved the whole country to the left. 317 out of 435 Congressional districts (73%) were more blue on Election Day than they were in 2016….

Indivisibles endorsed candidates, registered voters, texted, phonebanked, and knocked doors to the tune of 11 million voters….. Now Democrats have the U.S. House of Representatives and ton more power at the state level. Thanks for that.

After two years of defense, we now get to go on offense.

We’ve spent two years playing defense against this monomaniac in the White House. But now that changes. Now we finally get to go on offense. That means offense in Congress, and offense at the state level. We’ve been working on a new federal level guide and state level guide for months to prepare for this new political reality. We can’t wait for you to dig in.

These new Guides offer a road map for the next two years of our journey. Together, we will pave the way to the post-Trump era. Together, we will win.