The Migrant Caravan and US Imperialism in Latin America

Independent Media Cente

From the Party for Socialism and Liberation: Champaign Urbana:  “As the migrant caravan approaches the U.S. border, it is important to expose the racist narratives and baseless slander being spread by the Trump administration. However, we must also understand what has caused so many people to leave their homes and seek asylum in the United States: a bi-partisan project of U.S. intervention in Latin America that goes back decades. Join the Party for Socialism and Liberation for presentations and discussions about the dire situation facing these Central American refugees.

We will start with an overview of U.S. interventions in the region, focusing on the 2009 coup in Honduras. We will discuss who the caravanistas are; which countries they are leaving and why they are seeking asylum in the United States. We will show footage taken by reporters from PSL’s Liberation News team, who have been covering the progress of the caravanistas on the ground in Mexico.

Finally, we will cover the vicious reaction and attacks toward the caravan spewed by the Trump administration and others in the U.S. ruling class. We will be taking donations to help support the caravanistas as well. Hope to see you there!

We will be meeting in the basement of the IMC (Independent Media Center).  Signs will be posted directing guests to the location. Hosted by Party for Socialism and Liberation – Champaign-Urbana. Also see the Facebook event.