The Week Ahead From CU Indivisible: February 3 +

From CU Indivisible Facebook page:

Good Morning! Here are some of the events in *The Week Ahead*:

Tuesday 2/5 7 pm Interfaith Student Summit University YMCA. This looks like it is in tandem with the February Interfaith Dialog.


Thursday 2/7 6 pm Intro to Tutoring Parkland College They are looking for ESL tutors. Very important, especially now.

Friday 2/8 7 pm Movies At McKinley: “13th From Slave to Criminal with One Amendment” McKinley Foundation

Friday 2/8 7:30 PM Queering Faith 2 with the Rev. Dr. Yvette Flunder Community UCC Champaign 805 S 6th St

These are just some of the events scheduled this week. For more about these and other events, check out the WEFT Progressive Calendar at: and/or the CUP website at:


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