Next Progressive Drop-In on August 7: Attention – Change of Venue

Come join us for another Progressive Drop-In hosted by CU Progressives and Bend the Arc: CU at Lincoln Square Mall in downtown Urbana on Wednesday, August 7, between 4:30 pm and 6:00 pm. As with previous Drop-Ins, we’ll meet and network with other progressive-minded people and maybe have a bite to eat.

This drop-in is now scheduled and located to coincide with the Rural Voter Outreach Training. At 6:30 pm, you can walk across the street to the Urbana Free Library to learn how to canvass rural voters. The Rural Voter Outreach Training event should be informative for anyone interested in election work in rural areas. For more details, see the Facebook event post at
Join us for one event or both.

Please note: This Progressive Drop-In was previously scheduled at a different location. We’ll now meet in the center court area of Lincoln Square Mall. There are 2 food venues inside the mall, and several restaurants within a couple blocks where you may pick up dinner. Here are some of the food options in and around the mall.

In the mall:

Some of the restaurants around the mall

All parking at the mall is free BUT Please DO NOT park in the Urbana Landmark Hotel area on the west side of the mall.

Facebook event.