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Frequently Asked Questions: WEFT CU Progressive Calendar

What is the WEFT CU Progressive Calendar?


A publicly available Google-based Calendar that provides an extensive list of local and regional events and meetings. There are many other local calendars but this one seeks to be the most extensive in this community
Who contributes to the WEFT CU Progressive Calendar?


The Calendar is hosted by WEFT ( WEFT is a listener-supported, volunteer-operated community radio station, 90.1 FM. The Calendar is managed by WEFT volunteers and by CUP.
How often is the calendar updated? It varies with what’s happening in the community but on most days there are updates.
How does my organization submit an event for the Calendar?


Email CUP with information on your event at and ask that it be considered.  Send description, date, time, place and link or contact for further information.  Sending a Facebook event is sufficient, if one exists. CUP staff will contact you with a follow up.
Is this site the only way to access the WEFT CU Calendar? You can go directly to WEFT to view this calendar at: (opens new tab).
Are there instructions for the WEFT CU Progressive Calendar? See How to Use Calendars.