News and Brews Kick-off Series on Gun Violence




Join us at Riggs Beer Company on Tuesday, June 12th from 6:00 – 7:30 pm to discuss the changes local schools are implementing to help students cope with local and national issues like immigration, violence, poverty, and lack of mental healthcare. We’ll hear from education reporter Lee Gaines, mental health counselor Karen Simms, and local education professionals, families and students.

Find our most recent story on this topic here: Also, there’s more information on Facebook:

Illinois Newsroom, Illinois Public Media and Riggs Beer Company are committed to creating conversations that move our community towards a better future.

More about “News & Brews”

Illinois Newsroom and WILL present the new event series “News & Brews” where our journalists bring radio stories to life. Much of our reporting focuses on complicated community issues that deserve the time and space for in-depth discussion. A panel of experts and community members related to each topic will outline the current state of the problem, the communities affected by it, and how it’s being addressed so far. Then we’ll open up for questions and further discussion from everyone!

All are welcome to attend. There will be many opportunities to ask questions, spark conversations, or just sit back and listen. Riggs offers many non-alcoholic options as well as their line of locally crafted beers.