CU Indivisible: More Action Items on Families at the Border

We continue to be horrified and exhausted by the parent/child separations on the U.S. border.   Below is a list of actions from the CU Indivisible Facebook page on June 20.  If you’re a member, let them know how many of these you were able to do.

  File a complaint against ICE with Office for Civil Rights & Civil Liberties, within Dept. of Homeland Security 202-401-1474

Call the RNC and blast them for trying to blame their policy on the Dems and for using child torture as a legislative negotiation tactic. Let them know we’re on to their immoral anti-American tactics. 202-863-8500

Call the White House Comment line. Speak your mind as you choose. 202-456-6213

Call the DOJ Comment Line. Tell Jeff Sessions how you feel about separating children from parents at our border 202-353-1555

Call the United Nations, and tell them they must intervene, in any way they can 1-212-963-5931.

Call Gov. Rauner and tell him you object to using our Illinois National Guard troops at the border. Let him know you object to wasting tax dollars on the barbaric practice of intentionally separate families. 217-782-0244.