Help Democrats Prepare for Quad Day by Phoning Potential Volunteers on August 21

For Champaign County Democrats, Quad Day is the start of our final voter registration push and history tells us our success on Quad Day is directly correlated to our local candidate’s ability to win their elections in 2 1/2 months.  Quad Day is on Sunday, August 26th from noon to 4 pm.  It’s a big event that takes place on the U of I quad to welcome students back where they are able to sign up for student groups. It is also largest day of voter registration in Champaign County every year as thousands of students will have just moved into new housing.
You can help out the Democrats with this crucial event by helping to recruit volunteers for the event.  Meet at Democratic Headquarters in downtown Champaign on Tuesday, August 21 at 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm to make calls asking for volunteer help for Quad Day.  Can you help? The People’s Agenda is maintaining the online volunteer sign-up, which you can complete here:
 It is vital for our local candidates that students are registered and vote here in Champaign County and there will be no better opportunity to talk to them about doing so then Quad Day.  This is a joint effort and all candidates and organizations are doing their best to work together.