Socialist Alternative: Discuss the Elections

Join Socialist Alternative CU to discuss the 2018 midterm elections. From the Facebook event: “The midterm elections have been widely viewed by liberals as a chance (perhaps the most important chance) to fight back against the Trump administration. We will discuss the value of such a point of view, and what can be done to build a movement against corporate politics in the US. Is working inside the Democratic Party or supporting their candidates even useful? And if so, how precisely to do that? Has the vast bulk of the Democratic Party given up on building sustained mass movements – even movements to defeat Trump’s agenda – and forced grassroots left-wing activists to accept defeat after defeat as a result of the strategy of incremental electoral change? Or was the Democratic Party ever a force for building sustained mass movements in the first place? What about the possibility of forming/building a left-wing 3rd party, and the history of attempts, successful or not, to do that? How would we keep such a left-wing party democratic and accountable? Join us at the Urbana Free Library’s Lewis Auditorium (in the basement of the library) at 7:45 pm on Monday, Nov. 12 to discuss all that and more.”

Hosted by Socialist Alternative Champaign-Urbana.