EJP (Education Justice Project) Last RIPPLE meeting for 2018

Education Justice Project

RIPPLE stands for Reaching Inside Prisons with Purpose and Love. The Education Justice Project  has been proud to host this award-winning program for the past five years. Our hope has always been that, after a good incubation period, we’d be able to pass RIPPLE on to a community organization for its “forever home,”Starting in 2019, RIPPLE will be under the care of a local church, Touching and Changing Lives Ministry. Annette Taylor will continue to coordinate RIPPLE and the public will always be encouraged to come and write letters that offer comfort and support to those behind bars.

Come help us celebrate RIPPLE’s past 5 years, the holiday season, and its upcoming to move at the last RIPPLE gathering of the year on Tuesday December 18 from 5:30 pm – 7:00 pm at the Central Illinois Mosque and Islamic Center at 106 S. Lincoln, Urbana.

The mission of the Education Justice Project at the University of Illinois is to build a model college-in-prison program that demonstrates the positive impacts of higher education upon incarcerated people, their families, the communities from which they come, the host institution, and society as a whole. Click here for a copy of their most recent newsletter.