Talk with the County Clerk

Engage with Champaign County Clerk Aaron Ammons to learn more about voting-related issues on the UI campus.  Mr. Ammons will be speaking at a meeting sponsored by the League of Women Voters UIUC on Thursday January 31, 6:25 pm – 7:15 pm on topics such as:

  • What forms voter suppression has taken on our campus in recent years, as well as to what extent (what groups have been most affected, to what extent voter suppression has affected election results, why the student vote is so crucial, etc.)
  • What we can do to end voter suppression in Champaign County, especially the suppression of the student vote
  • How we can surpass already record high turnout among students on the UIUC campus in future elections
  • Plans for working with the university to increase voter education and advocacy
  • The benefits of setting partisanship aside in order to strengthen democracy at the local level

While campaigning, Mr. Ammons was adamant about improving outreach and support for student voters.

Also there to help facilitate the conversation will be James Manrique, who helped start the Champaign County Voters Alliance. At this meeting, we will learn more about what CCVA does for our community, and how many of its goals correspond with those of LWV-UIUC.

Also, pizza!

Hosted by League of Women Voters UIUC. See the Facebook event.

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