Fourth of July Celebration is just around the corner

If you are volunteering with a candidate or an organization, you’ve probably already been asked to participate in the local 4th of July Freedom Celebration.  The annual parade in Champaign-Urbana draws a lot of people advocating for their candidate or cause, including those who construct the various floats and signs.

If you’re not already committed, you can volunteer to help with the Parade, the 5K race, firewords, music and more at the Freedom Celebration volunteer page at  There are a lot of different jobs available, large and small.

And, if you’re participating as a spectator, here’s a very nice guide to the full schedule and other helpful information:

There are also 4th of July celebration is many towns in the area. Here’s a quick list:

JUNE 30:  Tolono, Arthur,
JULY 4:  Rantoul, Seymour, Sullivan
JULY 7: Tuscola