Champaign County Voters Alliance: Get Out The Vote Meeting in July

Come to the Champaign Public Library on Saturday, July 21, 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm to hear about the next steps by the Champaign County Voters Alliance in geting out the vote.  Below is a message from the CCVA Facebook page.

We’re having our regular meeting to discuss plans & strategies to Get Out The Vote (#GOTV) for the Illinois General Election this November 6th.

Vote By Mail is available to every citizen in Champaign County at no charge and with no excuse needed. The signup for these ballots begins August 8th, and we hope to encourage more people to take advantage of this convenient voting option. We’ll be discussing this as well as other ways to increase participation among the lowest turnout populations in our county.

We are non-partisan and we do not endorse any candidates. We invite anyone & everyone to join in on the discussion and to brainstorm new & creative grassroots ideas to increase voter turnout in Champaign County.

For more information on the event: